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Professional Performing Arts and Fitness offers a multitude of fitness, performing arts and well being programs for ALL Walks of Life in the comfort of your facility.

Fully insured, certified, and experienced in all teachings PPAF caters to our elders, disabled and youth with programs widely ranged from:


In this one of a kind program participants learn about self expression through the universal language of creative movement.

Professional Performing Arts & Fitness offers this creative program recreationally where all participants enjoy fun dances and exercises OR theatrically where selected participants rehearse on a weekly basis in preparation for a performance in front of staff, family and loved ones at your facility.

All participants will learn about the importance of stage presence, the 3 focal points of movement, how to touch the audiences' heart and how to execute a powerful performance no matter how old they are, physical limitations or medical conditions.

Our special 12 week program allows participants to learn themed choreography and movement through feelings and expression,  giving them the opportunity to look forward to a real performance that they are actually in!  What a great way to have family and loved one's see them!

At the end of the performance, all performing participants will receive a certificate of acknowledgment from Professional Performing Arts & Fitness for their outstanding work.

Interpretive Modern Dance

Creative Fitness


Special Creative Fitness
Interpretive Dance Performing Arts Fitness for the Elderly, Disabled, Special Needs & Youth Grades K-8, Young Adults Grades 9-12


What a great way to brighten someone's day! 

1 Hour Program

From exercising with balloons, balls, plastic plates, boxing mitts (yes boxing mitts!), the Octoband™ and by using even one's own body's resistance to lift up their imaginary weight, participants are guaranteed to feel more replenished after one of Professional Performing Arts & Fitness Exercise Routines.

It's all about having fun, feeling good and being entertained while encouraging the participants to entertain as well from their enthusiasm and heart.